Meet Our Team!

Seth & Dina Heydinger


Seth is from Michigan and started his relationship with the Lord at a young age. He went to the Word of Life Bible Institute in New York after graduating from high school. While there, God began to open Seth’s eyes to the needs around the world. He began to pray for Poland and moved there in 2010.

Dina grew up in Ukraine and went to the Bible Institute there, then served as a missionary for several years in her home country. God brought Seth and Dina together and they were married in September 2016.

We are blessed to have three kids: Eddie, Emma, and Lilia.

Lydia Duncan

Dean of English

I am from the state of North Carolina. I was saved at the age of 6, and when I was 15, I started to sense that God was calling me to become a missionary. After high school, I studied for two years at the Word of Life Bible Institute in N.Y.

I came to Poland during my second year as a student, and God captured my heart for Poland. After two years, God continued to remind me of the great need in Poland, so I came as a missionary intern for two years.

Since being in Poland, I’ve been involved in teaching English in many settings: camp, public school, private tutoring, and small-group lessons. English is currently a huge evangelism tool here! I have now been serving with Word of Life in Poland since 2017, and full-time since 2019. My role in the school is teacher support and evaluating/monitoring students’ educational needs.

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers!

If you are interested in joining our team, you can find more information HERE.